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When you’re a parent, life is full of beautiful moments; from the first cry of a newborn, to cuddles with mum or dad or baby’s first bath. These are all very real and very beautiful moments which we were privileged to share in while working on this annual ‘Beautiful Moments’ campaign for Queensland’s Mater Mothers’ Hospitals.

Campaign identity design

Campaign design

With one-in-seven Queenslanders born at Mater Mothers, the hospital’s exceptional staff play a part in so many beautiful moments each day. They get to witness the moments that turn men and women into mothers and fathers, and their parents into grandparents.

In 2015, we worked with the team at Mater Marketing to develop a campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and, in a first for the hospital, Grandparents Day.
The campaign called for a design which would inspire warmth and love but could transition between the various events consistently and still appeal to a wide audience.

Mothers Day

Share your beautiful moments

Mother’s Day 2015 coincided with the launch of the new Mater Mothers instagram page. The goal of the Mother’s Day campaign was to inspire new families to share their own beautiful moments with both the Mater Mothers online community and their own friends and family through social media, and to make mums feel extra special on such an important day.

For the main campaign images, we captured one family’s beautiful moments after leaving hospital, including the moment they brought their son Daniel home for the first time. We also met a number of other families who were happy to be involved in the campaign and share their beautiful moments with us while still inpatients at Mater Mothers.

From these visits, we produced a number of short videos and photos which were shared on the Mater Mothers instagram and Facebook pages, as well as in various marketing collateral, internal and external advertising.

Gift tag design

Social media and collateral

Poster and billboard design

Father’s Day

Proud Mater Dad

For new dads there is no greater feeling than those stirred up when you meet your new son or daughter for the first time. In 2015 our aim was to shine a light on Proud Mater Dads and share their first moments with their new baby.

As with the Mother’s Day campaign, we wanted to capture those raw first moments in a dad’s life; the first cuddle in the birth suite, giving their baby their first bath and taking them home. We captured these moments in video and photography which was shared on social media to encourage Proud Mater Dads to share their own moments.

We also produced a number of billboard designs, banner ads, digital screen designs, signage and gift cards to be used leading up to Father’s Day 2015.

Campaign photography

Billboard design

Free coffee gift cards for new dads on Father's Day and social media content for the campaign.

Grandparents Day

Not wanting grandparents to feel left out, Mater Mothers really wanted to shine on light on how important they are too. We celebrated the day with a smaller campaign and captured the moment when one family’s grandparents met their grandchild for the first time. The campaign material was shared on social media, websites and digital screens within the hospital.