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Boutique is always best, especially when it comes to buying wine. Nothing beats the personal service and expertise you can receive from Wine Experience when you want to discover something new or even understand the wine you are buying. And we won’t lie—we completely enjoyed the tasting research behind rebranding this popular wine store.

Wine Experience identity design

The rebrand

With a ‘chin chin’ and a ‘bottoms up’, we got busy delivering a new identity that met three important criteria for the client:

  • It needed to link to the previous logo design;
  • It needed to depict their status as a trusted establishment; ,
  • The logo needed to look good on a wine label.

To achieve the final outcome we established a shield design using the corkscrew from their previous logo and made it the centre piece for their new identity. In the new world of twist cap wine, there is a certain romantic nostalgia about the humble cork screw. The use of these vintage elements help to subtly illustrate a deep history, knowledge within the industry and age—and they say, like a fine wine, we all improve with age, right?

Cleanskin bottle labels


A large portion of Wine Experience’s trade revolves around the sale of cleanskin wines. The wine they source is exceptional, so we wanted to make the bottles appear more exciting and impressive than the usual boring labels which are usually found on other cleanskin wines.

To achieve this, the team needed a solution that they could print in-house and apply to the bottle’s themselves. Due to the high turn over on their cleanskin products, and with the information on them changing constantly, it wasn’t feasible to pre-package any of the wines with custom label designs. However, using the new shield identity design, we created a strongly branded label which could be professionally printed to remain consistent on any bottle but still allowed the team plenty of flexibility to over print specific wine details and information on the face of the label resulting in a more polished and upmarket finish for their full cleanskin range.

Signage, way finding and point of sale

Signage, way finding and point of sale

The shop location is in a high-traffic area of Rosalie, Brisbane so it was important to create signage and point of sale items to help customers and passers by instantly identify the store and also find products in store.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Wine Experience had a desire to keep their growing customer base well informed after they had visited the store. Because of their wealth of knowledge, we had a lot to draw from when establishing an email marketing design and strategy. The team are now able to promote key products for in-store and/or online sales offering handy tips, insights and ideas to help customers understand more about the wines they buy, while also helping them develop their palette.

Wine Maker Series logo design

Extended products

The founders of Wine Experience collaborated with key wine makers from around the world to create a new product line under the ‘Wine Maker Series’ label. Wine produced under this label has been hand crafted by selected wine makers with a signature style. When creating a logo for this sub brand, we focused on giving it a hand crafted and artistisnal feel, in keeping with the way the wines had been made. The identity was also designed to be an extension of the Wine Experience brand, with reference to the corkscrew taking on a more hand drawn and vintage look. Illustrated vines, grapes and leaves also boosted the creative theme behind the identity.